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Strength & Honor Friesians

My Friesians and Clydes

Why is it my horses get new shoes every eight weeks, the best vitamins money can buy, all the love and attention anyone could want?
Because I have my priorities straight!
Just ask Roelof V, Windy, Freesia, Sammy and my Ms. Bonnie!

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Every since I first laid my eyes on a Friesian
I was spellbound.  These majestic, regal animals will steal your heart with their unbelievable temperaments and beauty that surpasses your wildest imagination! 
If you are looking for a friend for life,
look no further than the Friesian breed

The books are open for Roelof V. for the 2005 breeding season.
For those of you wanting to breed a specific month, please book as soon as possible to ensure your spot for that month.  Most of our clients have chosen to breed in the early spring months of March, April and May.  Of course we will do our best to accomodate everyone, but our first obligation is to our early bookers.  Roelof's foals can be registered with the Friesian Sport Horse Registry.  We are excited to see our 2004 crop of beautiful foals out of our magnificent stallion.  Email us for those pics this summer!!

Our beautiful sweet girls, FREESIA & SAMMY
Sired by Registered Stallions, Roelof V. and Otte
Both of our girls will foal in the spring of 2005!

Our lovely Windy and Ms.Bonnie

Windy and Ms.Bonnie, doing what they do best!  These wonderful girls are a new addition to STRENGTH AND HONOR FRIESIANS!.  Windy (Bay) is expecting a foal this spring out of  Champion Clydesdale Stallion EEL River Victor's Nootka (Owners Katrina and Darryl Hoxie).  Ms. Bonnie (black) will be bred to our beautiful registered purebred stallion Roelof V. this spring.  Windy will be bred to a Gypsy stallion.


Roelof V. He takes me where I only feel the wind across my face