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Strength & Honor Friesians

About Me and My Horses!

Horses are proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!

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Kelly Morse, proud and happy owner of 3 incredibly beautiful Friesians and 2 wonderful gentle giants called Windy and
Ms. Bonnie (Clydesdales)
Mother of 3 awesome children ranging in ages 6-23 yrs old! 
Wife of an amazing and loving husband!
I'm living my dream of having Friesians and soon to be Gypsys!
I am the master pooper scooper at Strength and Honor Friesians which has become a full time job.  With this being my profession, I find comfort in having the choice of who's poop I have to deal with! 

Did I mention that we are the proud owners of Roelof V.!
Somebody pinch me!

Roelof V. 
The Powerful, Proven, Stunning, Registered, Purebred Friesian Stallion with a temperment to write home about.  Both kind and gentle, with an honest eye and heart
Roelof is expecting foals out some extraordinary mares this next spring; Andulusian, Friesian, Quarter horse, Tennessee Walker, Oldenburg, mustang, morgan, percheron, Clydesdale, Arabian and Azteca!
The Friesian Cross is a wonderful choice!
Starting with an already wonderful breed, adding the temperament of the wonderful, docile and willing Friesian,
You simply cannot go wrong!
Contact us at for more info
Roelof V.

What a Stud!

Strength and Honor full of might
Majestic power and grace
He takes me where I only feel the wind across my face
He carries me to lands afar, without leaving my backyard
He storms into my world so kind
He bids me to leave my troubles behind
Yes he is strong and he is brave
A mighty warrior is he
So black, so beautiful, so full of pride
and is name is Roelof V.

Thank you to all who chose Roelof  to sire your 2005 foals.
We pray for a safe delivery for both mare and foal

Book early to save a month of your choice for breeding.
Live cover $850.00
AI $600.00
Both prices include a $200.00 non-refundable booking fee

Roelof V. He takes me where I only feel the wind across my face